Esewa Vs IME Pay - Who Is Better Digital Wallet ??

Esewa Vs IME Pay  - Who Is Better Digital Wallet ??

Esewa is No .1  Digital payment of Nepal. Esewa is  first payment gateway of Nepal. IME Pay  is No. 3 Digital Payment of Nepal. IME Pay is  new than Esewa. Both are popular for better Service.

1. Esewa
Esewa is no.1 digital payment platform of Nepal. Esewa has started from 2009 A.D . Lots and people has trust esewa. It has provided better service than other digital payment. Esewa has good cashback and there is  lots of offers  inside esewa and chance to win rewards.

Service of Esewa
1. Top-up/Mobile Recharge
2. Electricity Bill
3. Internet Bill
4. Water Bill
6. Co-operative  Withdraw
7.  TV
8. School Fee
10.Bus Ticket

Esewa App is Available Is Playstore and Apple Store . It rating is 3.9 in play store in these days. It is popular is Playstore. Download of Esewa has 1million  in Google Playstore.

Disadvantages Of Esewa
In my review esewa disadvantages is update . In 2 or 3 days esewa has given update. It should given update in 2 weeks or in months. I don't like Esewa this features otherwise, it is best .

Esewa is important for us because international debit/credit doesn't works in Nepal. If we need to do some payment  we need to use Esewa . If we need buy diamonds we need to pay from esewa.

2. IME Pay
IME Pay is No. 3 digital payment of Nepal. IME Pay is the first digital wallet to get licensed  from Nepal Rastra Bank.
It has good cash back and rewards. It has  mobile recharge, water bill , Internet  , TV, etc

Services of IME Pay
1.1. Top-up/Mobile Recharge
2. Electricity Bill
3. Internet Bill
4. Water Bill
5 .TV
6. Bus  Tickets

IME Pay App is available in Playstore and Apple store. IME pay has 4.6 Rating of its trust .It is popular in Apple store also. In 2years User has increased in IME Pay.  It has 500K Download in Playstore.

IME Pay has new offer and new facilities . Lots of people use it for Cash back . In my review IME Pay Has highest Cashback of digital wallet of Nepal.

Which Digital Payment Give More Cashback???
1. Cashback of Esewa
Esewa has Good Cash Back. It depends on you how much amount  do you use and get cash back. You can Get CashBack on Recharge, Electricity Bill, TV, Internet etc. If you can earn Reward points from Top-up and  make 1000 points you can Get Free Rs.200 . For More Reward Visit Esewa. There is offer in Esewa by inviting people and if they join you can win up to Rs.30

2. Cashback on IME Pay
In cash back  IME Pay is few better than Esewa , Khalti, Prabhu Pay etc. There is level of Rewards. If you have done more payment your level is upgrade.If you reach high level you can get more cashback then others.

Who Is Better Digital Wallet Esewa or IME Pay???
Esewa is little better than IME pay because it has good service . It has good   facilities and helps to save your money . Both  of Wallet has Fast and Safe Service. In your are using for cashback  then use IME Pay it has giving amazing cashback . If you want Good and New offer then use Esewa . It little hard to compare because Both are Same. You can Try both Wallet . Both has facilities  to load money from Bank .

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