Highest Paying Jobs In Nepal


Highest Paying Jobs In Nepal

Highest Paying Jobs In Nepal

Nepal is country where finding jobs seems little harder than another country. If we gets job we were paid little bit few money. All wants money of their hard works, dedication,and investing on time. In Nepal, we have faced many problems to get job first of all we can't get jobs. Later jobs are given to their close relatives. Then we can get jobs with facing different problems.

All jobs are very hard and without dedication we can't do anything. The earning amount which i am telling is average all can't get fixed rate. List is given below :

Highest Paying Jobs In Nepal:

1. Teacher

It looks like funny but you will be surprised. Teaching profession is now highest paying jobs in Nepal.  Teacher are earning 60k plus in monthly. If you have studied high level you can get job in high and big school where you get high salary. In free time you can teach in tution class where we get salary.

 2. Tootle /Pathao 

Tootle/Pathao is another job to get high money. There is lots of people earning more than 70K by doing riding in it. We can do it as part time job. We need to have only vehicle and registered on app. In Tootle/ Pathao we can earn what dedication we have done in a day. 

3. Banker

Banker is also highest paying jobs in Nepal. There is lots of bank in Nepal. If we have study in higher level our salary will be higher. Banker is one of respect jobs. Salary starts from 25K To 1 lakh above. Banker manager have 92k salary to 1.5 lakh salary. You have get service of transportation, housing and many more.

 4. Engineers

Engineers is now becoming more popular jobs. It is highly cost to study in Nepal. The  average salary is more than 1.5Lakh if  you get construction work but in nepal there is  construction project is running faster than 5G internet. Lots of house make daily where people are not getting good engineers for design of their house. While in earthquake house were highly made where  engineers earn high money on that peak time.

5. Doctor

Doctor is most respected job in world. While studying doctor it takes more money which normal people cannot afford. Average salary of doctor is 1.5 Lakh + but starting it may be less. Inside doctor professional there is neurology doctor, gynecologists doctor, dental doctor and many more. All doctors are highly paid and respected.

6. Web Designer

Web designer was started few years back. Web designing profession is amazing but in Nepal many people doesn't have knowledge about it. Web design is job were we need to design website which we get paid in highly amount. Average salary is 80K plus if you have deeply studied on web designing.

7. Government Jobs 

Government jobs are paid well but we get more service. Government jobs is good and we get pension after completing service to office. There is lots of government job like government school teacher, worker at government bank, worker at government office etc. We get holiday on saturday and public holiday given by government .We need to pass exam Lok sewa aayog or refer by worker in that fied to get job.


Pilot is highly paying job in Nepal. To become pilot we need to study hardwork and invest our money. Average salary of pilot 1.5L above. We need to pass exam of pilot. Later we can work in airlines company. Pilot is very complicated their is lots thing to have knowledge about it.

9. Lawyer 

lawyer is profession where we need to deal with right or wrong case of crime. Lawyer are highly earning profession but we cannot do wrong decision to earn money because it is someone life which may damage of wrong decision. Average earning of lawyer is above 50k-100k. Earning depend on case which you have fought.

10. Real Estate

Real estate is also highly paying job in Nepal. land price is hiking day by day. We can earn lots of commission by selling land from buyer side plus seller side. Average earning is above 1lakh if we can sell land. It is only profession where we can earn money if we sell more land in high rate.

All jobs are important and dedication should be done by worker to get high salary. Please Note: All jobs salary are not same of time.

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